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Feb 5, 2013 3:00pm PST
: today marks the 25th anniversary of bill clinton signing the family and medical leave act. it guarantees new parents 12 weeks off after childbirth. when that was passed, 119 republicans signed against that. and several of them are still in the house. so our favorite guy today eric cantor making his pitch today. >> our solutions will be based on the conservative principles of self reliance faith in the individual, trust in family, and accountability in government. our goal is to ensure that every american has a fair shot to earn success and achieve their dreams. >> jennifer: every american has a fair shot. every american. sound like familiar language to me. maybe even out of one of the president's famous speeches like the one he just had in the inauguration. but rhetoric, of course, will not change the underlying policies. for example, take eric cantor's remarks on student lends. >> we alsoloans. >> we want to work on our student aid process to give incentive to finish studies sooner. >> jennifer: sounds great. but he forgot to mention that his team voted to eliminate pell gran
Jan 30, 2013 7:00pm PST
skelton. she worked in the clinton white house and on the gore campaign and has her own strategy firm. thank you guys for coming in. >> our pleasure. >> jennifer: i was saying before i really wish we had a glass of wine, we could talk about this. karen what do you think about the efforts of the republicans to rebrand themselves? >> you -- you can be modern but when your policy is that birth control is about putting an aspirin between your knees it's not going to cut it. >> jennifer: but the new republican party is going to be what? pro birth control? >> well you mentioned immigration, they need that to win. and romney got 20% less of the latino votehaha bush didi thth h heo f f thatha oblem, and thth a a going to have to go after it. >> jennifer: and i think we should take it even if it's for the wrong reason. will rebranding help in other areas? it doesn't appear to be helping in gun safety. >> you're not going to go from med men to modern family with one commercial. [ laughter ] >> and what we're hearing are people saying why should we get rid of our conservative principals on immig
Feb 6, 2013 3:00pm PST
liberals as compromisers as sellouts, all of the things you heard clinton called and obama called and you will hear every future democratic president called that too. that's just the nature of our system. >> jennifer: it is. it is. so where does the drone program fit into this new liberalism. do you think this released memo. this drone program that needs some contours, everybody agrees but is it going to hurt the president? >> i think it will marginally hurt him among liberals. it is pretty mild compared to the what the civil liberties left have had for the americans. the vietnam war is one embarrassing example of what bob dole called a democrat war. this is certainly a problem. the drone strikes, and i share a lot of the nervousness and -- about these drone strikes. there is an argument -- there are arguments on -- on the pro-drone strike side as well as the anti-drone side. but, yes, it is going to be a problem. a bigger problem would be if the president were to make too generous to the right a deal on social insurance -- cuts in snowstorm insurance programs. >> jennifer: i agree with y
Jan 28, 2013 7:00pm PST
sound bite. but they were laughing so hard. but the idea though of rubio versus clinton or bush versus clinton. that is sort of an interesting dynamic, isn't it? bush might have the gav tas to stand up. if it is hillary clinton the republicans might want to say we got to get jeb bush in. >> republicans have a history of going for the next in line. you look at george bush senior bob dole george bush, jr., they pretty consistently pick the establishment. if they keep their pattern, the tea party has not proven they can win in the big election. so it is the next in line or is it the upstart, the tea party legacy? >> jennifer: it will be interesting to see. it may not be marco rubio's time yet, but it is going to become more and more because of the demographics we're talking about. >> that's right. >> jennifer: let's touch on climate change. today in texas churches are holding prayer services for 2,000 local residents who are losing their jobs because of the drought that caused a meat-processing plant to close. obviously this is hitting home. how soon before -- especially in the sou
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)